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May 22, 2024

● Syokinet Solutions has purchased a fleet of 10 Roam Air with plans to gradually increase the number to cover their entire fleet of 100 vehicles within the next year.

● The initiative aims to provide Syokinet technicians with reliable and efficient transportation, enabling them to conduct internet installation services.

Syokinet Solutions, a leading internet service provider (ISP), has entered into a partnership with Roam. This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing both sustainable transportation and service delivery in Kenya.

Under the agreement, Syokinet Solutions will purchase 100 Roam Air electric motorcycles in 2024.

Syokinet Solutions will act as a facilitator, distributing and issuing Roam Airs to its technicians. The initiative

aims to provide technicians with reliable and efficient transportation, enabling them to conduct internet

installation services more effectively.

Syokinet Solutions is choosing Roam as the provider for their entire fleet, as the product is proven to be reliable

and adapted for the specific use case. Syokinet Solutions see the home charging and ability to charge

anywhere as a fundamental part in choosing their vehicle fleet partner.

This initiative demonstrates Syokinet's commitment to sustainability and cost-saving measures. Designed for commercial usage, Roam Air combines affordability, functional design, and performance to meet the diverse needs of users, including cargo transportation.

Dionne Getata, Roam’s Sales Operations Manager commented, “Our collaboration with Syokinet exemplifies Roam's capacity to provide solutions aligning with organizations product and sustainability objectives. This extends beyond merely catering to the boda boda community, as we offer electric vehicles tailored to a diverse market niche.”

Ian Kasyoki, Chief Executive Officer Syokinet remarked, “Harnessing the power of sustainability, Syokinet fuels innovation with clean transport solutions for a cleaner future. With electric mobility, our program is more than just technical training; it’s about creating opportunities, fostering independence, and cultivating future innovators.”

About Roam

Roam is a transport company specializing in the development, design, and deployment of electric vehicles for the African market, leading the transition to sustainable transport. Roam was recently honored as a finalist in the prestigious PrinceWilliam Earth Shot Prize.

About Syokinet

Syokinet Solutions is a pioneering technology company focused on revolutionizing internet services, IoT, and advanced data connectivity in Kenya.Syokinet's tailored solutions cater to the unique needs of Kenya's urban landscape, offering high-speed fiber optic and wireless internet services in Nairobi and Machakos counties.As leaders in smart cities technology and IoT innovation, Syokinet Solutions drives digital transformation to enhance urban living experiences. Committed to shaping the future of connectivity, Syokinet Solutions empowers communities through transformative technology solution.