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July 25, 2023
  • Roam has today announced its relocation to a new 10,000-square-meter facility, Roam Park (double the size of the International Space Station). The facility will house the company’s East African headquarters, electric motorcycle production lines as well as development/battery labs.
  • The new premises have an annual production capacity of upwards of 50,000 motorcycles that will be reached in a couple of years and will enable the company to ramp up production of the Roam Air, the company’s electric motorcycle. Facility operations are being led by Brett Mangel, Chief Operations Officer, who formerly worked at Tesla. 
  • The new location, which will serve as the company’s headquarters and production facility, is located off Mombasa Road overlooking the Nairobi National Park.

 Roam has today announced a move to a new production facility that is more than 10,000 square meters in size. This new facility will allow for an expanded production and have an annual capacity of 50,000 motorcycles while staying a carbon-neutral assembly, which are the goals in the coming years.

The investment in a new facility is part of the company’s effort to scale up commercial mass production of the Roam Air as well as improve efficiency. This new location will enable Roam’s engineers and technicians to increase capacity throughout the assembly process and improve overall safety and quality. 

Warehouse operations taking place at Roam Park

The new premises will also combine the production, distribution, and storage operations under one roof, creating a technology hub and reducing the company’s overall carbon footprint. Currently, Roam has more than 150 highly skilled employees, within design, engineering and production to ensure that the electric motorcycles retain quality and affordability while building local capacity. The company's growth is expected to continue in 2023 as the company continues to expand in East Africa to meet demand.

A section of the production line at Roam Park, our new 10,000-square-meter facility

Roam’s new production facility operations are being led by Brett Mangel, Chief Operations Officer, who formerly worked at Tesla, where he was part of the team successfully scaling high-quality production for electric vehicles.

“Moving ahead with this new production facility represents a significant step forward in bringing sustainable mobility solutions to Kenya,” said Brett Mangel. “With some of the brightest talent, key partners, and access to a good infrastructure and logistics network, Roam is confident that this new location is a step in the right direction.”

Building of the Roam Air in progress by a team of both electrical and mechanical engineers

“I am very proud of the team for the work they’re doing during this phase of expansion. It’s exciting to envision the improvements in production efficiency we will achieve and the new jobs that will be created as we continue to grow,” explains Japheth Ruttoh, Head of Production at Roam.

About Roam 

Roam is a technology company that develops, designs and deploys electric vehicles tailored for the African continent, leading the transition to sustainable transport. Founded in 2017, it became the first company to deliver locally produced electric motorcycles and buses. With nearly 150 employees, Roam is today the leading provider of electric vehicles in Africa and was recently a finalist in Prince Williams, Earth Shot Prize. 


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