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The Opportunity

Roam proprietary electric products present an unprecedented opportunity to be part of the electric revolution in emerging markets. Roam has secured partnership across many verticals focusing on becoming the main technology provider for motorcycle fleets and buses operating in the public transport. sector. This market segment is one of the fastest growing globally with a nearly untapped potential in Africa, with a total market potential of $10bil by 2030.

We currently have several investment partners from a range of insupporting our rapid growth in the region. R has a market expansion strategy that entails a significant investment opportunity moving forward.

Why Roam?

Roam believes that the approach for electric mobility has to change. We do things differently than traditional OEMs and start-ups, by focusing on making electric vehicles accessible for emerging markets. This approach leverages the best of existing vehicles from the past and the best technology that is ready for implementation, today.

By having a unique approach combined with a virtually untapped market and a rapidly growing demand, sets us up to be the leading player in the commercial electric vehicle space in emerging markets.

Our in-house technology development strategy lines us up for a difficult to imitate IP generation. Focusing initially on technology integration and later moving to a technology provider approach.

With our validated technology and different go to market strategy, Roam is poised to accelerate mass adoption of electric vehicles.

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