Leading the electric
revolution in Africa.

The Beginning

Roam is a technology-driven electric mobility company that designs and develops electric motorcycles and electric buses for emerging markets, starting in Kenya. These two products can offset the most amount of carbon emissions globally (more than 90% reduction for motorcycles and 80% for electric buses), reduce local emissions in urban areas, and at the same time create the most financial value for end-users.

We offer supporting infrastructure, fleet management software and after-sales services to enable an ecosystem that accelerates the transition to sustainable transport on new frontier markets.

To this end, we provide tailored solutions to meet market demand through business segments that today include:

The Roam Air: a tailored electric motorcycle designed in Kenya for Africa.

Roam Transit
: a segment focused on electric bus production for Kenyan and African public transport sectors.

Roam Energy & Charging: A segment which distributes off-the-shelf energy and charging products.

Roam Canopy: A segment which provides tailored software applications to fleet owners, business operators, financiers and others.

These focus areas have been chosen to maximize impact, as public transport vehicles are some of the highest carbon-emitting vehicles on the market and are largely an untapped opportunity. Therefore creating the standard for electric mobility in Africa.

The mission remains to provide low-cost, and low-emission transport solutions for the vast population across Kenya and the greater African continent who primarily rely on public transport to get around.

We are actively working towards a future where Africans can all move around in a sustainable, unfragmented public transport sector, a future free of climate disasters. Roam is going after a large opportunity and is currently hundreds of people strong, all working to actualize this electric future.

A New Approach

In the huge East African market and the greater African continent motorcycles and buses are the preferred and sometimes the only mode of transport available, so there is an urgent need to convert to an affordable, sustainable electric standard. To this end, we design, develop and deploy low-cost and low-emission transport solutions to the large population in Kenya and the greater African continent who primarily rely on public transport to get around. 

Our ethos remains: "Made in Kenya, for Africa.”We believe that local, Kenyan engineers best understand the African automotive landscape and therefore are best suited to produce the electric mobility products that we are bringing to market.

Factors like Africa's rough terrain, the unique matatu and boda boda industry in East Africa as well as spare parts availability, all come into play during production.

Our philosophy is simple, really: the best product for a market must also be developed, manufactured, and designed in that market. 

The Future

Having successfully launched a range of vehicles across various segments, Roam has demonstrated the effectiveness and financial viability of electric deployment in one of the most challenging terrains worldwide.

Our efforts not only save customers significant fuel expenses but also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, combatting the urgent issue of global climate change.

However, this is merely the beginning of our journey. In the forthcoming years, we are poised to expand into multiple markets across the globe, streamlining implementation processes, enhancing fleet efficiency, and driving down costs.

Over the course of the next decade, we aim to create a profound positive impact on the world around us.