Energy solutions
that work for you.

A modular solution

We provide the most modular solution on the market. This means that we have a solution for any need, and the systems are easily designed and installed. The solution can be implemented as a full off-the-grid or on-grid system as well as being connected to a battery backup. By providing us with your monthly electricity cost, our own energy calculator will extrapolate this data into a package solution with full transparency of expected power generation as well as cost. This means you can compare our different solutions and make sure they meet your requirements. Our technology is also built in such a way that if you need to upgrade your system it can be done with ease, increasing either your solar array, inverter system or battery storage. Clean, simple and transparent.



Using our energy calculator makes it easy to get the best tailored system for your home. Add how much you pay for electricity today and see what battery and solar can ensure you get the fastest savings. The battery system will ensure you get the most out of your solar even during the night and cloudy days as well as provides you with independence during power outages.


We have a market leading modular battery system that allows for easy deployment and upgrades. This modular system can be installed within a week by an authorised electricians and upgraded if your energy needs change at any time.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Whether you are combining our systems with grid electricity or creating a fully off-the-grid system we have specialised personnel that ensure we maximise your electricity bills savings. Our technical experts can advise you on what system fits your budget as well as what the expected pay back time will be.

Industrial and Utility Scale

Long Term Returns

Whether you are a business or a utility provider our systems can massively reduce electricity generation cost. Either as a complement to your current electricity provision or as a electricity generation provider for the grid. The solar systems have two alternative setups, either directly on your roofing or as a ground mounted system with frames.


If you own a business that has a critical need for power we deliver backup lithium battery systems for industrial usage. This enables you to continue working even throughout a power outage or during the night, making sure your productivity is ensured. The system can be installed as a completely autonomous unit or in combination with solar. Making sure you save on petrol that a backup generator would consume and without the disrupting noise such a system would cause.


With a solar and industrial battery system installed your business can become completely independent not relying on diesel generators that emit CO2 and noise. Minimizing environmental impact while at the same time saving on electricity and fuel bills.

Buy Our Products

We provide high quality products from some of the leading solar panel, inverter and battery producers in the world. We ensure our products are of the top quality, with prices that make return on investment as short as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a solar photovoltaic system work?

A solar photovoltaic system consists of solar panels that generate DC electricity when the sun is out. They generate more electricity when they are directly facing the sun and when there are no clouds or shadows blocking. In order to transform the DC electricity into usable AC electricity an inverter is needed. The solar panels and the inverter need to have a high enough power rating so that they can power the needed appliances. During morning, evening and night time, when there is no sun, a battery is needed to store the electricity to power appliances. It’s important that the solar panels generate enough electricity for the daily and nightly needs so the excess electricity can be stored in the batteries.

How do you design a solar photovoltaic system?

First of all is the daily energy demand determined by looking at electricity bills, appliances power rating and their usage, or by logging the actual electricity consumption. The next step is to look at the solar insulation statics for a specific region and calculate how many solar panels are needed to generate that daily energy demand. The inverter is dimensioned after the peak power, meaning all of the appliances being used at the same time and at full effect. If batteries are required, the usable capacity should simply reflect the energy demand during mornings, evenings and nights.

How long does it take to install a solar photovoltaic system?

For small residential systems the installation time is seldom longer than 2 days. Larger industrial or utility projects could span over 6 months depending on the size, available area and specific requirements.

Can I go off-grid with my solar system?

The answer is yes and no. If we can disconnect you completely while installing a large amount of solar modules and lithium batteries, we recommend our clients to keep their existing connection to the grid operator as a back-up source of power during bad weather days. This is in order to avoid oversizing the system and to lower the payback period.

Where can I install the solar modules?

Solar modules can be installed anywhere. Since the energy produced every day is linked with the orientation (azimuth and slope), we will make recommendations. The modules can be attached to the roof, places on an existing or new carport or installed on the ground with specific mounting structure. In East Africa, while being close to the equator, we recommend a slight slope to capture more sun.

How does it works when there is no grid?

For a new project or an existing one, we invite our off the grid client to invest in an extra battery capacity in order to be more comfortable during cloudy days. We offer to all our customers an access to our remote monitoring platform in order to control anytime the state of energy of the lithium battery and eventually adapt their consumption.

How long a lithium battery last compared to lead acid?

Lead acid battery (similar conception as a car battery) will last between 2 to 4 years while the usable capacity is only 50%. Our lithium batteries will cost you 0-30% more than conventional batteries but for a lifespan of more than 12 years and will 90% of usable capacity.